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Welcome to the Jonathan Veira website
Hi Everyone
We hope and pray that you and yours are keeping safe.
Exciting development here! We have managed to set up a live stream on Facebook of Jv from the Steinway Room(ie home!) to your home. Every Sunday night at 8.00pm. Join the party - they are wonderfully uplifting occasions of music, fun and your requests!
And now....we are planning to crowdfund a CD as a result! Check out the video opposite....

And do not fear the latest, fabulous Hymns Project 2 - Praise my Soul is now available! The most perfect antidote to self-isolation and quarantine! You WILL love it! Just £10. Listen to tracks in the website shop.

PLUS ...our special corona virus offer! Every other CD and book just £8 for limited time only. If you already have them why not give them away to someone who needs them? #sharethelove

Visit Jonathan on his Facebook page where we will be featuring songs, videos, tales and live shows from the Steinway Room at Casa del Veira! Watch this space for info of times and dates. Connect with him on Facebook and Youtube.

People have been thrilled, uplifted and blessed at all the latest shows. If you are interested or would like to know more about hosting a show then do contact Sue on God bless you. Jonathan

My new book "finding my voice" is out now!

Why not take a look at the calendar and see if there is a gig happening near you? New dates are being added all the time! The website always has details of how to obtain tickets and we would love to see you