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Welcome to the Jonathan Veira website
Hi Everyone
We hope and pray that you and yours are keeping safe and enjoying meeting and seeing each other again!
Exciting development here! We are on YouTube live every Sunday night as well as on Facebook! Our fantastic, award-winning Jv from the Steinway Room from our home to your home. Every Sunday night at 8.00pm. Join the party - they are wonderfully uplifting occasions of music, fun, chat, informative and fascinating interviews and your requests!
And now....we have the amazing Lockdown Sessions CDs both Vol 1 and Vol 2 are available. Buy your copy from the JV shop - just click on the picture opposite.

Alongside these evenings we are hoping to get out on the road again from September as well to do some live (unstreamed) concerts with a live audience! We have a few dates in the diary - check the calendar to see if we will be coming to somewhere near you. We have so missed performing and we know you have missed the joy of live music.

PLUS ...our special corona virus offer! Every other CD and book just £8 for limited time only. If you already have them why not give them away to someone who needs them? #sharethelove
God bless you. Jonathan

Pre-order the new Lockdown sessiond CD!

My new book "finding my voice" is out now!

Why not take a look at the calendar and see if there is a gig happening near you? New dates are being added all the time! The website always has details of how to obtain tickets and we would love to see you